Loading a Log4j Configuration for a specific EJB

You can load and unload a specific Log4j 2 configuration file for a given EJB. How? Use @PreDestroy and @PostConstruct. This gives you separately deployable EJBs with separate Log4j configurations. Ka-Pow!

For example:

public class MySessionEJB implements SessionBean {

    private static final String LOGGER_CONFIG = "/path/to/log4j2.xml";
    private static final String LOGGER_CONTEXT_NAME = "MySessionEJB";
    private static LoggerContext logctx;
    private static Logger logger;

    private void postConstruct() {
        logctx = Configurator.initialize(LOGGER_CONTEXT_NAME, LOGGER_CONFIG);
        logger = logctx.getLogger("com.whatever.myejb");

    private void preDestroy() {

Happy Coding,
Gary Gregory

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